Bridging Textures

Cherish - Jim Hudak
Featuring the production skills of Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, Bridging Textures has already been hailed as a landmark album for pianist Jim Hudak. With fretless bassist extraordinaire Michael Manring, the incomparable Tracy Silverman on violin, and the ubiquitous Mary Fettig on saxophone, this piano based instrumental record begs for repeated listenings. Jim Hudak writes all of the music, though four of the tracks include co-writer credits. Each song contains just the right instrumental mix, and two of the tracks are recorded as solo piano pieces. This is music from a one of a kind pianist and composer. Jim Hudak’s creative palette is broad, and a good cross section of the various types of music he writes is on display here. While piano is always the primary focus, the additional instruments add depth, power, and subtlety. From the aforementioned bass, violin, and saxophone to percussion, guitar, and a squeezebox, this is a collection of sounds and songs to be reckoned with. Adult eclectic music at its finest, this is a CD that successfully and effortlessly crosses several musical boundaries. With Bridging Textures, Jim Hudak proves that he’s a major artist on the rise.

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