Hi Everyone: Lest it appear that I have ceased to exist, I wanted to add an entry into this, the "News" section of my website. After an extraordinarily busy November and December, we've sort of let the website slip, with no new news or information lately. Let's just say this: We've been reviewing some recordings from the archives, along with some more recent recordings we've made, and we like what we're hearing. Plans are gestating now, for any number of possible projects and directions we might be heading into. We're contacting different production, marketing, and administrative people, as well as numerous musicians, about their adding their talents to what we will be doing. It's exciting, but as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Accordingly, we'll end this update here, while thanking you for checking in. Please try us again soon, as we think you'll like what you will be seeing and hearing. Have a healthy and prosperous 2009. Let's celebrate all things that are real. Yours In Music, Jim Hudak

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