Hello Everyone: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, from friends and fans to critics, radio programmers, and music writers, for the phenomonal response you've given to my new Bridging Textures CD. When I think back as to how long it took to prepare and make this record, and how discouraging the process can become at times, I see now it was all worth it. I was so lucky to have so many good people help in its making, from Will Ackerman to the musicians and engineers and Karen Bauermeister and Robert Altman handling the graphic design and photography, respectively. It's just fun to see the results of all these helping hands come to fruition. The listeners' and critics' response has been just tremendous, with the collective reviews and feedback having exceeded all expectations. There's so much more music I want to record and perform. There's simply not enough time in one's lifetime to get it all done. Yet, your support and response to my music certainly gives me a reason to keep it going and to keep on writing, recording, and performing. Thanks again to all of you. Drop us an e-mail...we love hearing from you. Best Wishes--- Jim Hudak

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