Earlier this month I was privileged to provide the piano music as part of a celebration of life for Mr. Pierre Bouret. I make mention of this because it was an especially memorable event held in honor of a uniquely wonderful man. Pierre was a long time member of Round Hill Country Club, and one of my biggest fans. He always encouraged me to keep recording and performing. As soon as I would release a new CD, he'd immediately buy it, and tell me to "get the next one finished and I'll buy that one, too." A Stanford graduate, I'll always remember Mr. Bouret as having an incredibly quick wit and kind disposition. He never had a bad word for anybody, and he lived into his 90's by epitomizing the essence of love in his life. He treated everyone with sincere kindness. The many attendees and glowing testimonials given by dozens upon dozens of Pierre's friends and family served as an indication of what a beloved man he was. He maintained a sharp, photographic memory to the end, was well read, and a one of a kind character. He played up his French name and descent with dignity and joy. The world was made a little bit better by Pierre Bouret's life and presence. He will serve as an inspiration to me and to many others for as long as we live.

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