In June of 2008 I needed some promotional pictures. I also needed some administrative help with my record label and website.

Frank Dorritie, a Professor of Recording Arts who I studied under at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, California, recommended Ananda Walker, a young, multifaceted student he was teaching at the time.

When I contacted Ananda, she went right to work.  We scheduled a photo shoot session for the Walnut Creek, CA area and spent several hours shooting on a hot June afternoon.  She got some nice shots, in a number of different locations and settings.

A few months ago my website was updated - changed over quite extensively by webmaster Brian Kelly.  We ended up using a bunch of pictures that Ananda took on that June afternoon.  I've been tardy in crediting her for her help and her talent.  As it stands now, roughly 75% of the photographs currently displayed on this website were taken by Ananda Walker.  Some pretty darn nice work I must say.

Ananda has a bunch of artistic related skills and interests. Truly multi-dimensional. She's a musician, composer, writer, minister, teacher, and more.  To learn more about her, check out her website at   Thanks again for your contributions to my website, Ananda.


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