As I return from my first ever period of "extended time off" for health reasons, I feel a sense of exuberence. The old cliche that we don't know what we have till it's gone certainly applies when it comes to health. Never have I appreciated the complexity and the self-curing capabilities of my own body like I do now. Happily, in conjunction with a solid team of professionals in the medical field, my health and strength are returning. I started performing again earlier this week, with a busy schedule planned as we approach the holidays. Without getting too in depth here, I will just say that my most urgent problem recently had been my kidneys. They had malfunctioned to a serious extent, and we were afraid we might lose these vital organs so necessary to life itself. But with a few days spent in the hospital and lots of intravenous fluids, we saved them. The extended rest I was able to get (thanks in large part to the outstanding caregiving from my wife, Linda) really helped. I'm ready to get back in the saddle and start making music again. Once again it looks like finishing my Christmas album will have to wait. Next year for sure! However, we may release another Christmas song or two this year, to go with last year's well received "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree," which is available from iTunes and other digital stores. Otherwise, I've been working on some songs with my longtime songwriting partner, Dan Erikson. In fact, we're working on a new Christmas song that I'm quite excited about. Besides Christmas music, there's a batch of new songs I hope to spring upon the world in the near future. I plan on working closely with my recording engineer, Jon Lesher, to get these songs arranged and recorded. It's nice to feel my strength and energy returning! Thanks to all those who have sent their well wishes and support. It means a lot to me, and I look forward to getting back to my normal routine now. Remember this: Take care of your health. Make it your highest priority. Best wishes to everyone... Jim Hudak

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