Bridging Textures has been recognized as one of the Top 100 recordings for the year 2006 by the presigious New Age Reporter magazine. The Top 100 recordings are based on radio and satellite music network airplay as listed on the NAR playlist charts. The fifth CD release by pianist/composer Jim Hudak on his Brainstorm Records label, Bridging Textures ranked as high as #18 on the charts in 2006, and continues to receive worldwide airplay a year after its release. "One great thing about instrumental music is that it has a chance to enjoy a long shelf life," commented Hudak upon being recognized in the Top 100. "To me, it's especially nice that this recognition comes as a result of my first album that featured all original music. I credit Will Ackerman, the Co-Producer, for encouraging me to take the leap forward with an all-original lineup of songs. He recognized that it was time for me to further establish myself as a composer." Jim also acknowedges the promotion and publicity efforts of Kathleen Monahan and Randall Davis in helping to spread the word about Bridging Textures. "This definitely wouldn't have happened without the hard work of Kathy and Randall," said Hudak. "There were, in fact, lots of people involved in the making and marketing of this record, and I would personally like to thank them all. Hopefully, it's a sign of continued good things to come." Jim Hudak is working on building a new and improved home studio that he hopes will help him in making lots more recordings for many years to come. "I feel like I've barely scratched the surface relative to what I've recorded so far," he says. "There's so much more music I want to record and make available, in numerous genres and styles. All I can do is keep moving forward to the best of my ability, and get this stuff recorded in whatever media and formats are suitable and available." He has hundreds more of yet to be recorded original compostions and would still like to record many other cover songs, as well. His knack for carefully choosing songs to record that aren't often heard as piano instrumental pieces has served him well. "I really enjoy going from Duke Ellington to The Rolling Stones to The Carpenters to Johnny Cash, for example, whether I'm performing or recording. I don't know too many pianists who would do that, but to me it's fun, and it keeps me from getting bored. That total eclectic approach has sort of become my trademark." Jim Hudak will soon be announcing two very special concerts in April and May, 2007. Stay tuned for further information.

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