There's nothing like writing a new song or two to get the blood pumping. I've been working on a couple new pieces that I'm excited about, and it feels good. One of the songs, with a working title of "My Old Friend," chronicles some issues that a dear and long time friend of mine has been having. It's fairly emotional, so I want to be sure I get the lyrics just right and don't make it too sappy or maudlin. But it's written from the heart, and often that makes for the best songs. The other piece, titled "Classical Waltz," is a song that's been pretty much written for awhile. Other than a few new tweaks here and there, I'm mostly working on getting more comfortable with playing it on the piano. I had hoped to include it on the Bridging Textures album, but when I sat down in Will Ackerman's studio to play it, I wasn't able to execute it properly and gave up on the idea of recording it for that project. It's feeling better now, and I've started to play it publicly now and then. Nothing like adding some new material to the repertoire. It's so important to keep the music as fresh and new as possible, though playing the old standards and standbys is fun, too.

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