Two weeks ago at the Valley View Lodge in Walnut Creek, I had a chance to do a show consisting entirely of country music.  What fun it was!

Bringing out my alter ego known as Cash Hudak (or is it my twin brother?), I took part in what was officially a "Country Music" themed day at Valley View.  The timing was perfect, as I've been listening to and playing a lot of country music lately, both at home on my own and with my various musical friends and associates.  I promised my father before his untimely passing in 2011 that I would record a "pure country" album as soon as possible, and I've begun choosing songs and musicians for that project that's already underway.

To me, there's country music and there's country music. There's a big difference.  I prefer the older songs and artists, like George Jones, Hank Williams, Buck Owens, and Johnny Cash.  Gram Parsons, who died at age 26 but who was determined to clarify and perpetuate the country music legacy, was a great influence on my music. I first discovered him as a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers in 1969, and greatly admire both his voice and his songwriting.  He had incredible studio musicians that backed him on his recordings, something I learned the importance of early on.

It was satisfying to see the crowd at Valley View Lodge so attentive to all the country songs I performed that day.  They recognized virtually every song I played, from "Ring of Fire" to "Hey Good Lookin'" to "Stand By Your Man" and more.  I was even able to play several original country songs for which they were very receptive. It felt good. 

Thanks to Georgi Sivulka, the fine activities director at Valley View, for choosing me for their Country Music Day performance.  It was great fun and I hope we can do it again soon.  I'll keep the Stetson cowboy hat brushed and ready for next time.

Musically yours,


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