Brainstorm Records, Jim Hudak's independent label, reports that sales of digital downloads continue to outperform CD's in annual revenues. This is part of a nationwide movement that shows consumers are more apt to download songs or albums to their iPods and music playback devices than they are to buy CD's. "There's nothing surprising about this news," Hudak commented recently. "Our little record label is no different than most other labels in that music lovers aren't as apt to purchase the physical product as they are to load up their iPods with digital music. There's a lot to be said for being able to take your entire music library with you wherever you go. For many people, that means thousands of songs fit into a device the size of their shirt pocket." Brainstorm Records plans to make two more of Jim Hudak's CD's available for purchase by download over the next several months. Hudak also hopes to have his long awaited Christmas album, tentatively titled "A Piano Christmas," available sometime this fall. The Christmas album will be available in both the digital download format as well as on CD. "For someone who grew up loving the art of album covers, it's a bit difficult to comprehend the whole concept of digital downloads, " Hudak admits. "But from a record label's perspective, it's great to not have to manufacture and store inventory, at least not in large quantities. You can print up a short run of CD's without having to intrude on closet or garage space, which is nice for independent labels like ours. For each release, you anticipate going in that most of your sales will come from downloads. Nowadays small runs of CD's are not only available, but much more cost effective than they were 10 or 20 years ago." Sales figures weren't available as of this writing, but Hudak reports that for Brainstorm Records, digital sales currently outperform CD sales by about a four to one margin. He still sees the need and some demand for CD's but feels it's just a matter of time before CD's and CD players become obsolete.

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