Whether writing music, books, or stories for magazines or newspapers, the importance of finding your own voice and following your instincts cannot be overemphasized. Every famous musician, songwriter, columnist or novelist was once an unknown. Somehow, finally - often after lots of practice and rejection, they crafted their own style or sound that's just a little bit different than anyone else's. And after awhile, they became accepted to the degree that what once might have sounded or seemed strange is now "mainstream." Copy bands can be great. Imitators have their own talent, to be sure. But it's the innovators, artists with something different to say or to play, that stand out in the long run. So, if it sounds good to you, even if for now, it's only you that it sounds good to, stick with it. Hone it, craft it, make it your own. Chances are someone else will like it, too. Then someone else, and someone else again. That's the way audiences and followings are built. Don't be afraid to be yourself. It's better than pretending to be someone or something you're not. This concludes today's word of wisdom to artists and musicians everywhere. Thanks for checking in. Jim Hudak

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