"Wild Goose," a classic Jim Hudak-Dan Erikson original composition, has just been added to the Piano Channel playlist on the DMX Music Satellite Radio Station. This hauntingly beautiful song was the first of many originals that the renowned songwriting team penned together back in 1973. Comments Hudak: "Dan and I both have a special feeling for 'Wild Goose.' Partly because it's the first song we wrote together and partly because, even after all these years, it remains one of our best." This version of the song is a previously unreleased solo piano recording from a limited edition CD Hudak has made available, titled "Original Piano Solos." Since it's an instrumental version of the song, Erikson's lyrics don't get showcased, though he does get fully credited as the composition's co-writer. "I keep saying that one of these days, I'll be coming out with recordings of these songs that will include lyrics," Hudak maintains. "Since so much of my work over the past 12 years has involved the writing, recording, and performing of instrumental music, lots of people don't even realize that many of the songs I've written and recorded do indeed have lyrics. Dan Erikson, for example, has lots of great lyrics he's written in dozens of our songs, and I like to believe his day in the sun is coming soon. I've also co-written songs with lyricists including Mike Shuler, Gordon Re, Will Sullivan, Jim Schlauch and others that have yet to be presented as songs with words. Hopefully that will be changing in the not too distant future." For now, DMX, which regularly features over 25 of Hudak's recordings on its various instrumental music channels, offers a soaring, compelling rendition of "Wild Goose" for its millions of international subscribers. "DMX has been great for me and my music," says Hudak. "It was fun several years ago, when my wife and I were vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, to be walking through the lobby of our hotel one evening after dinner, when I heard the piped-in piano music and thought to myself, 'Wow, that piano player plays the same licks and riffs as I do. How about that.' Then I realized it was actually my recording of the song they were playing in this foreign country. Having that sort of worldwide presentation of your music gives you a nice feeling." Jim Hudak's CD's and MP3's can be purchased or downloaded through CD Baby at www.cdbaby.com. Or, click on the "Music CD's" link on this website for access to his currently available recordings.

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