Think there are enough Christmas and Holiday songs already on the market? Composer Jim Hudak begs to differ. He's hoping that his particular Christmas song, titled "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree," can establish itself in the broad but selected list of songs played heavily in December. While hundreds of new Christmas songs are written and recorded every year, very few establish themselves as songs that challenge the traditional "hit list" of holiday songs and Christmas Carols. Comments Hudak, "When was the last time a new Christmas song made a national or worldwide splash? You'd probably have to go with 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,' from 1979. Yet, if you were to research the subject as I have a bit, you'd find all kinds of Christmas songs that have been recorded by both obscure and well known artists, songs that have gone pretty much nowhere." On the other hand, once a new Christmas song is recorded, it has the chance to gain traction and momentum with each passing year. "That's the thing," Hudak continues. "I went out and bought a bunch of Christmas CD's over the last few years, from different recording artists far and wide, adding them to our Christmas music collection. We look forward to hearing our favorite songs and albums each year. And many of these are songs that go far beyond the pale of 'Silent Night' and 'Jingle Bells.' There's something kind of special about music that's essentially off limits for roughly 11 months of the year." Hudak describes "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree" as a cross between "Jingle Bell Rock" and "A Holly Jolly Christmas," with an upbeat tempo mixed with a traditional message of holiday cheer. He recorded a rough version at Los Medanos College in Northern California in 2005, but wants to put together a more fully realized recording of the song as soon as practically possible. He hoped to have it ready for this year, but with all of his other projects, that's looking more and more unrealistic. Hopefully by the holiday season of 2010, a new Christmas song will be made available to the masses. "We'll probably release it on-line at first, to test market it," says Hudak, "though we'll have some CD's of the song available, too." "I hope to have a couple kids sing it," Hudak adds. "While I could sing the thing, I think it would be more appropriate and effective if children's voices were heard doing the song. My instinct is that it would work better that way." Stay tuned for the continued saga of "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree," with a hoped for release date sometime in 2010.

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