On Friday, May 5th, on the beautiful Oregon Coast in the little town of Arch Cape, Jim Hudak brought a car jammed with keyboards, guitars, microphones, and a sound system. There, he reunited with his bandmates from the ubiquitous group, The Spunkies, for the Greater Spunkies Family Reunion. This by invitation only, two-day event brought together the founding members of The Spunkies: Bland Chok (Hudak), Zubito Huascar (Will Sullivan), and Fingers (Jim Schlauch) into a creative musical mode that reached fever pitch on Saturday night, May 6th. The band was augmented with performances by Rick Parkinson and Dan Erikson on vocals, and some of the crystalline moments of improvised playing and composing still resonate in the minds of those fortunate enough to attend the proceedings. Also known as "Men's Weekend," this annual gathering of longtime friends from Jesuit High School and Lewis and Clark College has been taking place for over 20 years, and gives the old mates a chance to reunite and reinvigorate their individual and collective spirits. Music has always played a key role in the assemblage of these tribal members, who get a chance to listen, laugh, lament, and reminisce together. Thanks to all who attended and helped make the weekend special. After the gang broke up on Sunday, Jim headed north up the Oregon Coast and crossed the mighty Columbia River into Washington. From there, he visited one of his cousins, Regina Miller, and her family, and continued on up to Seattle to see more friends and take care of some music business in the area. He also met with Kathleen Monahan, the radio promotion specialist who has done such a good job promoting the new "Bridging Textures" CD, and her partner Mike Carlson, another veteran of the radio promotion business. The Easy Street Record Store and Cafe in West Seattle was the perfect meeting place for these three music industry mainstays to chat over lunch. It was fun for Jim to return to his roots in Oregon and Washington. A night in Portland with his parents was also part of his travels, and there's nothing quite as green and beautiful as the Pacific Northwest in early May, especially if the weather is nice as it was most of the time. He also got a look at the fantastic new home of his friends the Parkinsons, recently retired and moved to Grants Pass, Oregon. Their house was finished early this year and exudes qualities of space and warmth in its rural, riverside setting. Now he's back home near San Francisco where a desk strewn with papers, notes, and "things to do" beckons Jim in his office. A busy Mother's Day weekend of piano playing is on tap, too. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for being part of Jim Hudak's life in music and adventure.

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