Hi Everyone! After an absence, we're back. With some exciting news, no less. For the past four months, my nearly 14-year ongoing engagement at Round Hill Country Club has taken on a new dimension. At the end of 2010, the management there offered me the opportunity for a special and ongoing Thursday night engagement that was too good to pass up. I wanted to give it a chance to prosper, as it was an experiment that we weren't sure would work. But I feel good enough about it now to mention it here on my website. We decided to call it Folk Meets Jazz Night at Round Hill. It allows me to showcase the full extent of my musical interests. Every Thursday night at the club (except for the third Thursday of the month), I do three sets of music from 6 until 9 PM. The difference is that besides piano, I also add vocals and guitar to my presentation. I add a lot more of my original compositions to the program, and so far, the club members and their guests have given me nothing but positive feedback. We're hoping that Thursday nights at Round Hill will evolve to where we bring in special guest artists to perform, perhaps with some jamming and musical exchanges of talents and ideas. This is a revolutionary concept for a country club. It was the brainchild of Bradly Kaderabek, the Food and Beverage Director, to add a night of music with a "different" feel than what the club offers on weekends. Traditionally, country clubs feature piano music, perhaps with some variation, which is still a popular attraction. But Bradly's "think outstide the box" idea allows for a unique blend of originality and creativity not often heard or seen in a country club setting. On Thursday nights, I find myself playing lots of standards and jazzy tunes as piano instrumentals, then adding vocals to more contemporary songs from a wide range of artists. Adding my original songs to the mix gives the performances a new flavor. When I perform on guitar, I play a lot of James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and songs from a whole bunch of other artists, along with my own music. This portion of the show has a folk-rock-country vibe about it, and it takes me back to my musical roots. These are the types of perfomances I used to render in grade school, high school, and college, and it feels good to be able to offer a wide range of music for my friends at Round Hill. If you're a club member, come on down on a Thursday night. If you're not a member, perhaps you know someone who is and you can attend as their guest. In any case, it's fun to be providing different types and genres of music in the best way I know how. Thanks to Bradly and to Round Hill for helping to make it happen. Jim

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