Closing out the weekend long Creekside Arts Celebration in Clayton, CA, Jim Hudak joined a scaled down lineup of "Blues Journey" in an old fashioned jam session yesterday. Shortly after performing a solo set on piano, Jim joined the three-piece band for about an hour of blues and country music playing, much to the delight of a captivated audience. He provided the "rinky-tink" piano blues notes that soared above the band's guitar, harmonica, bass, and fiddle parts, and the four-piece unit looked and sounded like they'd been performing together for years. "These guys are good," he said afterward. "They were real easy to just fall in and play with." Jim's earlier solo set featured a rare look at him performing on piano while singing on several selections. He sang on "Children of the Sun," "Wild Goose," "Highway Fever," all songs co-written with his songwriting partner, Dan Erikson. He mixed in some instrumental selections from his five CD's, then closed the set with a vocalized version of the crowd pleasing "When We Get To Love," a song he hopes to record with a full ensemble of musicians in the near future. The Creekside Arts Celebration features artists of all disciplines from the Clayton area and beyond. It was well attended, and has outgrown the limited space confinements of the Clayton Library. Event founder Arlene Kikkawa-Nielsen is exploring new options for future CAC presentations, including the possibility of having the event in the summer, when artists can display their work outdoors.

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