After a lengthy absence, Jim Hudak's home recording studio is humming again with activity.  With Engineer extraordinaire Jon Lesher at the helm, Jim has been working on several original compostions, recording updated versions of some of his classics.  He's also unveiling some new original material for eventual public consumption.

Of particular interest was a session held earlier this month where Jim invited two of his talented musical associates to join him in the recording of "When We Get To Love.'  Penned by Jim and Nashville songwriter Mike Shuler in 1997, the song was brought back to life as part of a special presentation to none other than Bette Midler.  Bette will reportedly be doing a country album in the near future, and one of Jim's music publisher contacts put out the call for material.

Laying down an excellent lead vocal was Mary "Mac" Propersi, who like Jim is a Clayton resident.  Joining the session on bass was Rex Reade, member of The Relyks.  Both musicians performed their parts beautifully, and "When We Get To Love" has a nice new vibe about it. Jim Hudak added guitar, piano,and background vocals to the tune, and the results were fantastic.

If Jim is fortunate enough to have Bette Midler select the song as one she'll be recording, you can be sure it will be mentioned on this website.  Otherwise, it's just nice to see him back into the recording mode once again.

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