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Jim Hudak has won the prestigious Best Holiday Album of 2012 award for his Embracing Winter CD, as determined by a vote of broadcasters who report to Zone Music Reporter magazine (ZMR).  ZMR Awards were presented to the winners in 14 different music categories in New Orleans, LA this past Saturday night, May 11th, at a dazzling awards presentation show.

"Honestly, I was pleasantly shocked to win," Jim said after the event.  "I was just happy to be nominated for the award, which meant that we finished in the top five among the finalists," he said.  "When they announced my name as the winner, I briefly went into total shock.  It was surreal.  I was just so happy that my wife, Linda, could be there with me as I accepted the award.  She's stuck with me through the inevitable challenges one faces with a career in music, and she deserves a big assist in this very special achievement."

Jim continued: "I would like to thank Ed Bonk, who promoted my Embracing Winter CD to radio, and I thank the broadcasters who played and voted for my CD. I would also like to thank Daryl Portier, Ben Dugas, and the entire Zone Music Reporter staff for putting together an outstanding evening for the awards presentations.  Everything about the show was first class, and I'm honored to have been a part of it.

"A special thanks also goes out to Jon Lesher, who engineered the recording and helped in many ways, along with the various musicians who played on the record.  Jeff Hornacek, my brother in law, provided the outstanding cover photo, and Carol Greenley handled the graphic design. Michael Romanowski did a fine job of mastering, that all important component of recording. A project like this really is a team effort, and we had great support on every level.  It's just nice to get some recognition for all of the collective effort that goes into the making of a record.  I really am delighted, and grateful, too." 

With the award secured, Jim Hudak now is considering his next music related moves.  He hopes to make inroads with the placement of his many compositions into films and soundtracks, and to record lots more songs.  The work is never done.

For now, he can take a step back and a deep breath. "I only wish that my Dad, Ted Hudak, was still here to experience this," Jim says.  "He was one of my biggest fans, and was very active and supportive of my music.  I certainly miss him, but I'm hoping that somewhere he's smiling.  He would have been pleased."

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