Jim Hudak's Embracing Winter has been nominated for Best Holiday CD of 2012.  The nomination is based on the Zone Music Reporter magazine's charting of airplay from reporting radio stations around the world.

Jim will attend the 9th annual awards presentation event in New Orleans at the Joy Theatre on May 11th. He is among five finalists eligible to win the coveted award in the Best Holiday CD category.

Numerous other awards categories will be represented at the event, which will include live performances from some of the biggest names in ambient music.  Will Ackerman, David Cullen, Michael Manring, and a host of others will perform as part of the evening's festivities.

Commenting on his nomination, Jim is delighted.  "I would like to thank Ed Bonk, radio promotion expert that he is, for helping Embracing Winter  to get recognized and played on the radio," he said.  "We felt all along that it was a solid record.  It will be fun to rub shoulders with some of my peers and the many talented players who'll be in New Orleans."

For more information, log on to www.zonemusicreporter.com.   

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