It sounds trite. We read and hear it so often, that health is the most important thing in life. But when you experience some serious health related issues first hand, suddenly the importance of good health hits home. Without getting too deep into this, let's just say that the past few months have included numerous health related challenges for me. My situation looks much better than it did a month or two ago, and for that I'm grateful. A special thanks to family and friends who have provided such heart warming support. One really gets a new perspective on the importance of human relationships when dealing with personal health issues. More detail on all this another time. For now, I'll just say that some new music related opportunities have presented themselves, and I'm excited about the possibilities. My Christmas song, "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree," is 99% completed and nearly ready for its unveiling to the general public. Other recording and composing projects are looking promising, and I'm excited about where my music is headed. Overall, it just feels good to be getting stronger again. Recently I read an article that addressed the single most important thing for people who are "retired." It isn't money or security per se. You guessed it, the single most important thing to enjoying one's retirement years is....Good Health. Not to sound preachy here, but I hope that's something we all take seriously, as I certainly am doing more and more these days. Not that I was ever "unhealthy." Illnesses and health related misfortunes often occur that are beyond an individual's ability to control. But I've learned that you can't take good health for granted, especially as you get older. More music related news and developments will be announced in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for checking in and visiting my website. The great fan support that I'm lucky to have makes the making and playing of music all the more worthwhile. Best wishes to everyone. Carry on! Jim Hudak Clayton, CA

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