Call it White Line Fever. Or a little bit of Jack Kerouac that's always been in my blood. But the bottom line is that I love driving and going on road trips. A unique opportunity for me to take a road trip presents itself later this month. My wife is having several out of town girl friends coming into the Bay Area for a few days, and I've officially been kicked out of the house. But it's just as well. I've been looking forward to a good solo driving trip for awhile now. My route will take me across the Sierra Mountains into Reno, then across the entire state of Nevada to Big Basin National Park. From there, I'll head back toward California, and make my first ever visit to Death Valley on the way home. With camera, guitar, digital recorder, and some unfinished songs to work on, this should be a wonderful journey in a beautiful part of the west. Highway 50 through California and Nevada is one of the most scenic routes anywhere. And for all the traveling I've done over the years, this will be my first visit to Death Valley. So I'm counting down the days till I leave, which will be two weeks from today. As Willie Nelson might say, I'll be ..."on the road again"...It should be fun. Jim Hudak

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