The long awaited, already much talked about new CD from Jim Hudak, titled "Bridging Textures," is set for a Valentine's Day release. "Tapping into the magic, love, and power of Valentine's Day seemed to make February 14th a good release date," says Hudak, a San Francisco based pianist and composer. "Besides, that was a date that worked for the folks involved in the publicity and marketing campaign to launch the new CD. It just made sense all the way around." "Bridging Textures" is Jim Hudak's fifth CD on his independent Brainstorm Records label. It's already been hailed as a landmark recording, featuring all original music and the help of legends in its making. Will Ackerman, the fine guitarist, composer, and founder of Windham Hill Records in 1975, produces the record with some help from Hudak. "Will has worked with countless artists and lots of pianists, producing records by George Winston, Liz Story, and many others, " Hudak says. "Furthermore, I've always been so impressed with his 'story,' of taking a chance with a new, acoustic based instrumental music genre at the height of the Disco era, and making it work. What he's accomplished, artistically and as an entrepreneur, is most inspiring." Covering a wide range of piano driven instrumentals, sneak peak previews of the 14 tracks on "Bridging Textures" have generated effusive praise from critics and fans alike. It's been described as "Aaron Copeland-esque" by some and as 'cutting edge' by others. Still others like the softer, melodic songs on the album. "I've always loved a wide variety of music, and won't allow myself to get locked into any one sound or genre or groove. When it starts sounding too much the same from track to track, I get fairly easily bored. By bringing in a good variety of players and instruments, from bass to violin to percussion, plus saxophone, guitar, and squeezebox, we attained good variety in the album's overall sound and texture." Besides Ackerman, the talents of several other well known musical luminaires grace this unique recording. Michael Manring, the amazing fretless bass player, and Tracy Silverman, an astonishing violinist with a superb sound and style, each play on three tracks. Derrik Jordan, currently a Vermont based percussionist (who's also a composer, vocalist, and violinist) adds a nice selection of rhythmic embellishments to six of the tracks. Mary Fettig, a Bay Area based saxophonist/clarinetist who's recorded and toured with hundreds of well known artists, plays a sweet saxophone part on "Bittersweet Passion." Dennis Tuohino, a Bay Area resident and member of numerous bands, plays rock solid bass on three songs, and Hudak himself plays some excellent guitar on two tracks. "All of these people were wonderful to work with, and we also had the benefit of Corin Nelson, Will's longtime engineer friend whose talents are multidimensional," Hudak says. "We actually had four engineers altogether, and essenccially, we were all arrangers, producers, and music architects at some point. It was thrilling to be associated with all of these people." "Bridging Textures" is available at, and each of its tracks will soon be accessible individually or collectively via numerous legal digital download websites. Check back regularly to for more information and updates.

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