After years of fielding requests, it appears that a Jim Hudak "Christmas Album" may finally become a reality this year. Jim has begun preparations in earnest for a CD of Christmas songs he describes as "traditional with some twists." "Lots of artists record Christmas records," he said recently. "I'd like to do my own, featuring some original songs, a few traditional carols, and some surprise choices of holiday music that really moves me." In other words, a collection of songs with wide appeal while still being unique. The title of the Christmas CD will be "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree," named for the title track, a song Jim composed several years ago and has nearly finished recording. It will be the record's centerpiece song, which will also be released as a single. "It's an upbeat song, with a similar vibe to "Jingle Bell Rock," except that it's a touch jazzier," he explains. "It swings a bit, with some nice percussive parts and bass to go with the piano. That song includes vocals, too, though the rest of the record will be piano based instrumental music as I've done over the past 10 years." Jim Hudak hasn't released a song with vocals since his 1987 album titled "The Hudaks Connected." It featured original songs by Jim and his brother Don Hudak, backed by some of music's most respected studio session players. "I still enjoy listening to that record," Jim says. "I've been wanting to record songs with singing again for some time. Hopefully "Let's Trim The Christmas Tree" will be the start of something of a movement in that direction for me." Jim hopes to have the recording of the Christmas CD completed by mid-summer, with the formal release of the album due in November of this year. Stay tuned for more details and information.

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