Hello Hudakheads!

After admittedly too long of an absence, we're back.  Thanks for patiently hanging with us during these last few "unconnected" months.

Fortunately, we come back with some big news.  The long requested and awaited Jim Hudak Christmas Album is finished! Titled Embracing Winter, the disc features 14 songs, both well known and obscure.  Yes, you'll hear songs like "Winter Wonderland" and "The First Noel."  But you'll also hear four new original compositions, including one where I'm actually singing to a beautiful set of lyrics penned by my long time songwriting partner, Dan Erikson.  We're mighty proud of this song, titled "Remember The Child." 

The other 13 tracks come in the usual format we've used over the past 15 years of recording: piano based instrumental music, where the piano is accompanied by various instruments.  Guitar, trumpet, bells, harmonica, and percussion all take their place on different songs throughout the CD. 

Otherwise, we're in the middle of a huge promotional campaign for Embracing Winter. This marketing plan is being spearheaded by the legendary Ed Bonk and his daughter, Stacey.  They're based in Ontario, Canada, and have worked many new releases with great success over the years.

Essentially, our campaign consists of sending out the CD to radio staions, reviewers, and music people all over the world.  We believe that many of the songs on this CD are highly "airplay worthy," and that Ed and Stacey will get this music on the air.  At least three of the songs on Embracing Winter are suitable for year 'round listening and airplay.

This CD will make a lovely Christmas gift, and should be a nice addition to anyone's music collection.  It will be available via our distributor, CD Baby, in both CD form and as individual digital downloads.

The official release date for Embracing Winter is November 15th, 2012.  Check back here for ordering opportunities and further information about the release of this CD and of track downloads in the coming days and weeks.

All I can say is, "It's great to be back."  It's wonderful to be a musician, and to be able to communicate with so many of you.

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