Positive reviews for Jim Hudak's music continue to accumulate. Capsulized summaries of reviews from various print media publications will be posted on this website within the next few days, so check back to see what the music intelligentsia is saying about Jim and his new "Bridging Textures" CD. Airplay continues strong as well, with Montana Public Radio and "Radio Mir," from the country of Belarus in Eastern Europe, being the latest radio stations to add tracks from the new CD to their playlists...Jim Hudak's interview with Richard Araujo of Voice of America on April 13th, 2006 went extremely well. Richard is a good interviewer who asked thoughtful questions, and the interview will be broadcast sometime in the next week or so. We will list interview times for different stations and regions as the information becomes available...Jim Hudak will be touring his native Pacific Northwest in early May, stopping at some radio stations and getting together with several musician friends while visiting Oregon and Washington. In particular, he will be doing some jamming with Jim Schlauch (aka: Fingers), Will Sullivan (aka:Zubito Huascar), and Dan Erikson, who all shared co-writing credits with Jim on a couple songs from the "Bridging Textures" CD. These are musical associates Jim has known since his high school and college days, so it will be fun for him to get back to his roots. Music sessions are planned at a beautiful oceanfront music room/studio on the gorgeous Oregon Coast... Special thanks to publicists Randall Davis, Jennifer Geronimo, and radio promotion stalwart Kathleen Monahan for their tremendous work in getting the word out to the masses about Jim Hudak and his music! With everyone pulling in the same direction, the momentum generated from the new record has become significant and ongoing...Very cool! Thanks for visiting our website. Check back soon for the latest news, information, and updates...

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