It's another busy December for pianist Jim Hudak. As usual, he'll render dozens of performances this month, giving as many as three performances in one day on several occasions. "For a musician, as it is for farmers and any number of occupations, it's all about making hay when the sun shines," says Hudak, who genuinely loves playing the piano. "I feel so fortunate to get so many job offers this time of year. It's an opportunity to stash some cash and to see all kinds of people at my performances. Some of them I've known for years, and some I'll be meeting for the first time. December has always been a good month for me, music wise." As much as he enjoys all the work and performing, he also looks forward to some time off in January and February to immerse himself into his new home studio. The new recording equipment has been put in place, but isn't wired up or connected yet. Jim is excited about really zeroing in on getting up and running with his studio. "I've got so many songs I want to record decent versions of and get them out there," he says. "I also want to digitize my many hundreds of recordings, old and new, that are on analog tapes. I'm really hoping that my home studio will serve as the thrust of a whole new era of recording and composition for me. I can't wait to get started." For now, the busy Christmas season beckons. Check out the Jim Hudak Calendar of Events on this website for more information about his upcoming concerts and performances.

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