Acting upon an idea he's nurtured for several years, Jim Hudak is spearheading a day of music at the foot of Mount Diablo in Clayton, CA. On Sunday, October 10th, 2010, The Clayton Club Saloon will host the musical event, which will likely feature at least four bands, and possibly more. The bands will all include some of the many talented musicians in the Clayton area. It's been Jim Hudak's brainchild to organize a musical event of this type for more than five years. But he won't be doing it alone. Several fellow musicians have stepped up to help coordinate the festival, and their assistance is welcomed. "There's always more to this kind of thing than meets the eye," says Hudak. "But already I've got to thank several people who are getting involved to make this thing actually happen." Starting with Steve Barton, owner of the Clayton Club, who's offered to make the venue available for the event, Jim has also had help from several musicians, including Bob Insalaco, Maggie New, Chris Lucas, and Rex Reade, among others. Getting the bands and lineups set is the first priority. So far, local legends The Relyks and The Jim Hudak Band have signed on, with other bands being considered for performance participation. "Things like length of the sets, changing of equipment between bands and their sets, background music between sets, food, equipment, and all the practical and legal issues involved in putting something like this together can be daunting," Hudak emphasizes. "But it's great how people can come together when called upon. In the end, it's a testimony as to how much we all love music and playing it together." In what he hopes will become an annual concert-event, Hudak describes this year's inaugural effort as basically a "big party." Local concert promoter Jim Ocean suggested this approach as a way to "stick our toe in the water, " Hudak says, to see how the event goes over and how well it's received. "We're all offering our services for free this year," Hudak points out. "If things go well, we'll hit the ground running for next year. We'll hire Jim Ocean to help run and promote the event, and get sponsorship to help pay for all the permits, security, and rental of our own outdoor park or space. We also plan to pay the musicians in future years, something that I feel is very important. Too often musicians end up doing events like this for free, and it's simply not right. The average person has no idea how much is involved in practicing, schlepping around the equipment, and everything else that goes with putting on a good performance." With scenic Mount Diablo as the backdrop, possible future sites for the Music At The Mountain Festival include Clayton Community Park, the downtown Grove Park, or "maybe someone's big back yard if anyone offers to make it available," according to Hudak. For now, the plan is to make this first year, the Big Party experiment, successful and enjoyable for all. "It will be a free event, with food and music, and lots of camaraderie, so we look for a solid turnout," says Hudak. "There's nothing like free music and food for getting people together." Indeed.

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