It could be called a re-release, though in reality it's just a new marketing approach for a CD that first made its appearance in early 2006. "Bridging Textures," the first Jim Hudak CD featuring all original material, is about to be specially marketed and promoted at the retail store level. There are many approaches available for promoting music and recordings. It's important that the smaller, independent labels like Brainstorm Records, which is about to celebrate its 10-year anniversary of doing business, use their available advertising dollars carefully. In this case, the label has hired the services of veteran record promotion expert Bette Timm, from Sonoma, CA. Bette has been promoting records at the retail level for 25 years, and she would appear to be the perfect choice for maximizing retail driven sales of "Bridging Textures." "Bette will be calling on about 120 stores around the country, recommending 'Bridging Textures' as a CD that has great sales potential at the retail level," said Hudak, the president of Brainstorm Records. "We're pleased that she's agreed to work this record for us, as she's not known to get involved in the marketing of records that she doesn't believe in." The fact is, "Bridging Textures" has sold well, primarily through on-line sales and digital downloads. Jim has also sold a good number of copies at his many performances. But to break through nationally on the retail level would be a nice bonus, and he's hoping Bette can provide a shot in the arm for the album in terms of retail sales. "The CD has shown it has staying power," says Hudak. "Several of its songs continue to receive international airplay, and the fact that it features the talents of such well known experts in the instrumental music field as Will Ackerman, Michael Manring, and Tracy Silverman certainly hasn't hurt its reputation. Those guys add instant credibility to any record with which they become involved," Hudak acknowledges. Hopefully, the marketing expertise of Bette Timm will serve to enhance the stature of the "Bridging Textures" CD all the more.

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