Less than a month after it was announced, the concert that would have reunited 2/3 of the 70's trio The Midnight Ridge was postponed today. Scheduled for May 9th, a performance by Colleen O'Brien and Jim Hudak, along with Colleen's musical husband Chris Lee (vibes and percussion) was shelved - at least for now. Jim Hudak cites "logistical and timing issues" as the cause for the postponement of the concert. "Colleen and I were looking forward to playing music together again for the first time in 27 years," said Hudak. "But her trip to the Bay Area from Colorado has lots of stops along the way, and both of our schedules have gotten extremely tight. We're hoping that perhaps in the Spring of 2008 we can try again to do this. Ideally, we'd also like to perform in Portland, where we grew up, and where extended family members of the Greater Midnight Ridge reside. That way, it might even work out to have the third founding member, Marc Gonzales, who still lives in Portland, join us." Hudak also acknowledged that any reunion would best happen sooner than later, for practical reasons. "You hate to think about this, but the fact is we're not getting any younger, and getting the band and maybe even some of their musical offspring together for a grand event in Portland is something we'd like to do as soon as reasonably possible." For the legions of fans who followed the band in its heyday, and kept up with the various music related projects of the individual members of "The Ridge," that reunion, whenever it may be, can't come soon enough. "They had a unique sound, and could do three-part harmony as well as anyone," said Bill Rooster, who remembers hearing The Midnight Ridge in 1973. It was sort of like Crosby, Stills, and Nash, but with the visual advantage of having a nice woman to look at (Colleen) along with their amazing musicality. I hope they do get together again soon. I'll go see them for sure."

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