In my last entry, I spoke of our home remodeling project. We're now into our ninth week. Roughly two-thirds of the way through it. Happily, it's gone smoothly. The piano's been covered to protect it from all the construction dust and debris, as have been virtually all of my other music instruments and recording equipment. Our closets have been emptied, with clothes hanging on the living room furniture and stuffed into the guest room closet. This was done to allow for some reconstruction in the space formerly used as closets, and to give the builders time to complete new, walk-in closets for my wife Linda and I. Yes, things are a bit chaotic around here. Definitely not much music wafting about lately in our household. More like constant pounding and noise. But that's not all bad. It's been fun to follow the process and chronology of building related tasks as the contractors have worked on an addition to our home from the ground up. We've also added a new roof and filled in some "wasted space" between the garage and master bedroom. When it's all done, hopefully within the next month or so, we'll really have something nice. Something special. And I'm banking on the fact that the additional space will help me to reconfigure my music related equipment into a more ergonomic space for creativity and music making. I've learned a lot during this period of construction. While I'm chomping at the bit to get things back to normal, I'm glad that Linda and I have moved forward with our remodeling plans. Hopefully this down time away from my normal "life of music" will help me to refresh my spirit and appreciation of my music. After all, a change of pace can be a good thing. To all of you who've been buying digital downloads and CD's of my music, thank you. Your support is appreciated. Till later, then-- Jim Hudak

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