One of the world's most misunderstood musical ensembles quietly celebrated their 27th anniversary on August 9th. The Spunkies, featuring Zubito Huascar on vocals, Fingers on piano and assorted other instruments, and Mr. E-B-G-D-F on guitar and keyboards, formed in a mobile home in Issaquah Washington on a 110-degree day on August 9th, 1981. They've gathered to play music hundreds of times since then, but with only one public performance to their credit, on May 24th, 1997. They performed that night in Nashville, TN, at Jim Hudak's wedding reception. These days, the band's charter members are going a variety of different directions. Indeed, the majority of the bandmates don't even know that August 9th is in fact the anniversary date of the formation of this unusual group. But the spirit of The Spunkies lives on. Offering a subliminal message that suggests that if one always gives 110% in all that they do, that things will eventually work out remains the essence of their philosophy. Expressed musically, the results range from chaotic to coherent. But this much is certain: there will never be another band like The Spunkies. Happy anniversary, guys. Rock on.

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