Unlike most people, summer is my least favorite time of year. When temperatures get higher than 85 degrees or so, my brain seems to diffuse and I get lazy. Nonetheless, life goes on, even during the summer months. We continue to explore new performance venues and sales opportunities for our music. Talks are in the works with various booking agents, music attorneys, and artist management companies to help us with the business aspects of what we do and offer. One thing I might point to that's immediately available is a link from this website to a video of me on YouTube. In this video, I perform my tribute song to Los Angeles, and the song is called "City Of The Angels." The performance of this song took place at the Freight and Salvage Coffehouse in Berkeley, CA. "The Freight" is a small, intimate venue with a well tuned "room" and sound system that countless performers from around the world have played at for many years. It was a thrill to be on the same stage where so many of my favorite artists have performed. To watch this video, you can now click on the "Video" link on the Homepage of my website, and one more click will take you directly to the YouTube website where a final click will start the video. Of course, you still have the option of going directly to the YouTube.com website and searching under Jim Hudak and City Of The Angels to watch the video. Also, if you click on the "Photos" link on the Homepage of my website, you'll see some new pictures that were added to the site a few days ago by my administrative assistant, Ananda Walker. She took the photos, which were shot at a few different locations in nearby Walnut Creek, CA. Otherwise, the lazy, hazy days of summer continue. I've been rehearsing a number of songs I plan to record in the near future, and continuing my performances at an average of three or four per week. So even though I may not be a big hot weather fan, I'm doing my best to work through it till the cooler days of fall arrive. One more point about weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We actually have 17 "microclimates," meaning we have 17 different weather forecasts in the greater San Francisco area each day. It's hard for out of towners to comprehend this, but there are huge fluctuations in temperature and in annual rainfall within just a few miles of each other at various points in the Bay Area. For example, last weekend it was 107 degrees here in Clayton as I headed over to Berkeley, about 20 miles away. When I got there, it was only 67 degrees! That's a 40-degree drop, all because of the "seabreezes" and marine layer that hugs the California coastline and San Francisco Bay. It's especially pronounced this time of year. So at least when it gets too hot out here in the far East Bay region I have an option. It gives me a great excuse to head into San Francisco, Oakland, or Berkeley, where chances are very good that the temperatures will be much cooler. Thanks for dropping in to my website. We'll keep you posted. Yours in music, Jim Hudak

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