Over President's Day Weekend in Grants Pass, OR, Jim Hudak and his childhood musical mates (aka: The Spunkies) gathered at Jollity Farm Studios for "Winterburn," hosted by Rick Parkinson. This musical and friendship get-together featured a new band member, Bruce Chisholm, on guitar and drums. Bruce is a seasoned musician and music executive who grew up studying clarinet and bass clarinet, and has also dabbled on pedal steel. He's most accomplished on guitar, and learned from the acclaimed guitar virtuoso, Paul Chasman, during his formative years. But the band, as well as observers of these most recent Jollity Farms sessions, delighted most in Bruce's skills on drums and percussion. Almost as an afterthought, he assumed "the chair" during the last day of the gathering, and there was instant meshing with the band. "Bruce sounded good on drums, and almost as importantly, he looked the part," said Hudak, Spunkies co-founder. I looked over to him a few times during songs, and it was almost as if he'd always been there." While lead vocalist Zubito Huascar can be counted on to provide percussive embellishments as needed, Chisholm's presence on drums provides Huascar the freedom to do what he does best: create spur of the moment, improvised lyrics. The results were undeniably magic. Zubito Huascar was in great form. "To me, this represents a significant change for the Spunkies," says Hudak. "I see nothing but good coming from Bruce's addition to the band. Besides, we all enjoy hanging out together, so that makes it all the better." Plans are already being discussed for a "New" Spunkies gathering again this August, for the Summer Edition get together of what's generally known as The Fraternity For Fraternal Fraternization. If it happens, you can count on us being there to bring you the inside story.

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