Say what you will about L.A. I love the place! After spending several days there over Christmas, I have reaffirmed my desire to get there more often, both as a career related decision and for the pure enjoyment of spending more time there. With temperatures hovering near 80 degrees on Christmas day, we enjoyed walking through Beverly Hills (you've never seen Christmas lights and decorations like they have in B. Hills), hiked around the Hollywood Hills, and went to the Getty Museum. We even found time to take in a Los Angeles Kings hockey game (I once worked for the Kings and used to do a television show about hockey back in the 80's). It was all so much fun, as was getting together with several old friends, including fellow musicians Stephen McDonough and Jon Pucek. But in the end, it's the incredible breadth and scope of the entertainment industry that makes L.A. so attractive to me. There's a lot of creative engergy and talented individuals there, and other than New York, no other city has as much commerce and business relating to art and entertainment as Los Angeles. My hope is to set up some business opportunities there in the areas of film and soundtrack placement of my music. I will be contacting music publishers and "music supervisors" who specialize in that part of the music and entertainment business, looking to get some good results. It's always so impressive to go walking (or more likely, driving) around the area and seeing all the movie and television studios: 20th Century, Paramount, Fox, CBS, Warner Brothers, and so on. Lots of people earn their living there doing work pertaining to movies and music. It's exciting. Sure, Southern Calfornia has a lot of flash and its share of phoniness. But people who specialize in artficiality usually get weeded out in the long run. Ultimately, substance will win out over style 90% of the time. Now, it's a new year and time to get back to work. We'll get our new Calender link and updated performance schedule posted soon. We've been working on resolving some computer issues, and are close to having them fixed. To everyone: best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2007. Thanks for keeping in touch. Jim Hudak

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