Hi Everybody: Yesterday my wife Linda and I returned from a three-day visit to Yosemite National Park. Jeff Hornacek, my brother-in- law, owns a home there with his wife, Melissa, and they're nice enough to share it with family members and friends quite often. Yosemite is such a beautiful place. We hiked and traveled extensively around the park and more than ever, I appreciate the vastness of this one of a kind place. The sheerness of the cliffs, huge sized boulders, and breathtaking scenery make Yosemite a wonderful place to visit. Thanks to Jeff, Melissa, and Matt Hornacek for making our Yosemite getaway such an enjoyable time. With our trip to Portland two weeks ago prior to this Yosemite trip, we think we'll be home bound for awhile now. Yet, you never know when the itch to travel will strike again. Jim

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