Hello Everyone! Along with the arrival of summer, things are heating up around the Jim Hudak/Brainstorm Records front. Airplay continues spectacularly for the Bridging Textures CD, with roughly 100 radio stations worldwide continuing to play tracks from that record. Also, Anne Williams, the radio veteran who hosts the "Nightscapes" radio program from Boston, has been playing tracks from my first CD, "Cherish." Anne has a fine on-line weekly radio program you might want to check out at www.nightscapes.com. Meanwhile, we're mapping out our plans for the big Freight and Salvage concert on September 10th. We'll be talking more about that show in the coming weeks, and will make available opportunites for discounted prices on the tickets, too. This is a special event that we are hoping will attract a good crowd and members from the press and the media. We're looking into recording the performance and hopefully turning it into a video/DVD, too. It's very exciting to be playing at such a wonderful and famous venue. Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for more information. Jim Hudak

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