Hello Friends: On Thursday, April 13th, I'm scheduled to be interviewed by Richard Araujo of The Voice of America Radio Network's Latin Division. The Voice of America Radio Network began in 1942, and reaches 100 million people worldwide. I am told that they will be broadcasting the interview at various times in diferent time zones and regions of the world in the coming weeks and months. Check back for more information, which we'll make available here on this website as we learn more about broadcast times and locations. Meanwhile, I hope spring has sprung in your part of the world. Here in Northern California, record breaking rains continue to pelt the region. Landslides, flooding, and loss of homes and businesses have become far too commonplace in Greater San Francisco lately. We're looking forward to when the rain finally stops and things return to normal around here. This kind of rain reminds me more of my roots, growing up in Oregon and Washington, than it does California. On the other hand, I don't ever remember things being so green in this area so late in the year. There's always a bright side, right? Till later -- Take care of yourselves and each other. Jim Hudak

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