Long Running Engagements: A Musician's Best Friend 

Musicians love long running, ongoing engagements.  To have a situation where you can build an audience and your fans can get to know you and understand your music - it's a great thing no matter how big or small the venue.

I've been blessed with two significant long lasting engagements, which thankfully, are both still intact.  The first of these is at Round Hill Country Club in Alamo, CA.

I began playing piano at Round Hill in early 1998, and it has proven to be a wonderful situation for me.  Not only…

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Fantasy Studios Recording Sessions 

In late June, I was joined by musician and audio specialist extraordinaire, Tim White, who engineered four days of recording sessions at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA.  My long time friend and colleague, Jon Lesher, was present at the sessions and also contributed some engineering work.  The entire staff at Fantasy was helpful and great to work with.  I will remember those four days of recording - fondly - for years to come.  Probably forever.

These days, so many of us musicians have recording studios…

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Hello Folks....We're Back! 

Yes, it's been far too long.  Somehow, the "administration" of my music - updating websites, sending out notices of gigs and updating my performance schedule, not to mention taking part in social networking - it's all crashed and burned.  I haven't tended to it in months, as any of you who might have dropped by this website might have noticed. 

For whatever reason, I lost the fire for all the busywork that needs attention.  Halfheartedly, I've been trying to find someone to help me with the administration…

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Health: Chasing It and Keeping It? 

Hello Folks:

Hard to believe it's been four months since we've added anything new to our News Pages.  Even my performance calendar has been sadly neglected.  Truth be told, I'm performing as much as ever this month, which is always my busiest season.  But updating the website has unfortunately become a low priority in my life lately.

Amazing how time does indeed slip away, as has been said in song over the years.

Health, especially as we age, is so vital to productive and meaningful living.  While I've…

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Hudak Recording To Be Used During Radio Show 

Jim Hudak, a San Francisco based pianist-composer, will have a segment of his recording of Jimmy Webb's "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" performed on WFUV-FM 90.7 on Sunday, August 17th.  Christine Lavin, well known singer-songwriter, will be paying tribute to Webb on the Sunday Breakfast radio show she'll host from 8-11 AM, Eastern Time.  A verse of Hudak's instrumental version of "Phoenix" will be included along with pieces of two other artists' renditions of the song, resulting in an interesting…

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Jesse Winchester Tribute 

A few words today about a great artist who passed last week, Jesse Winchester.  This comes right off the top of my head - no research has gone into this entry.  There are plenty of obituaries available online where you can look into Jesse's considerable contributions via his songwriting and recording career...

This is more about a tribute to "the little guy" in music.  Not that Jesse Winchester's talent should be minimalized or marginalized.  He wrote as many great songs as almost anyone, even though many…

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Time For Editing and Mixing 

Hello Friends and Music Lovers:

Over the past few months I've had the pleasure of recording a couple sessions.  The first was back in late October, as percussionist Ron Potts joined me and my ultra-talented engineer and friend, Jon Lesher, who helped Ron and I lay down some tracks from some of my original music.  I recorded both piano and guitar, and even threw on a couple vocal tracks on a some of the songs. We recorded a non-original song, too, one of my all-time favorites: "Ghost Riders In The Sky."…

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Jim Hudak Tries A New Recording Studio 

On Saturday, January 25th, Jim Hudak will venture to beautiful Sausalito, CA to do some recording at "Studio P."  Owned and operated by Joe Paulino and Tim White, Studio P features extraordinarily high end microphones and a Yamaha Grand Piano.  Not a bad place to start! It's also in a lovely location, nestled in the hillside above Sausalito.

Paulino, a multi-talented musician, has made his mark as a voiceover artist, with credits including McDonald's, Levi-Strauss, Monday Night Football, and countless…

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Jim Hudak Is Back At Vic Stewart's 

For the 12th successive year, pianist-composer Jim Hudak will help Vic Stewart's Restaurant celebrate the holidays.  He will perform at the beloved steak and seafood restaurant in Walnut Creek, CA every Monday through Friday from December 2nd until Christmas, from 11:30 AM until 2 PM.

The accomplished pianist loves playing at the independently owned Vic Stewart's. "It's such a landmark, and the destination for so many companies who book their Christmas Luncheons there for their employees," Hudak says…

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Jim Hudak Enrolls In "Sound On Picture" Class 

For the ninth time in his event-filled life, Jim Hudak has enrolled into a new college or university.  This time it's Diablo Valley College, a highly regarded Northern California school, where he's taking a class in the (what else?) Department of Music.  The class is titled "Sound On Picture," which is geared toward students who want to provide music or "sound designing" into films, soundtracks, and television shows.  The class also focuses on the world of music and sound in the huge and growing world of…

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Previous events


Jim Hudak Solo Piano

Vic Stewart's Restaurant, 850 S. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA

Vic Stewart's welcomes back Jim Hudak for some Sunday Evening piano music.  Come on down for a steak and some piano music after a day of watching football!

No Cover Charge


Piano Concert With Jim Hudak

The Montecito, 4756 Clayton Road, Concord, CA

The Montecito offers elegant living for seniors.  Jim Hudak has performed here since it opened about 10 years ago, and always looks forward to playing his specially chosen piano music for the residents and staff at this lovely facility.


Solo Piano With Jim Hudak

Round Hill Country Club, 3169 Round Hill Road, Alamo, CA

Jim is nearing the completion of 18 years at Round Hill, and his music still sounds as fresh and new as it did when he began performing here in 1998.  Make it a point to check out the club - and Jim Hudak's piano music - tonight or sometime soon.

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